About Us

Who are we?


Quite simply, our mission is to inspire mums to sparkle and shine. Why?


Motherwell is a charitable organisation run by women, for women. Founded in 2015 by women passionate about supporting mums’ mental health, we support women and mums across Cheshire to enjoy positive health and wellbeing.


Our team of highly trained professionals, trustees, staff and volunteers are also mums themselves. So we really do understand what a rollercoaster parenthood can be.


From holistic therapies to mental health support, we support mums at all stages of their motherhood journey.


Our workshops, events, and courses empower mums to champion their own health and wellbeing, ensuring they can shine in whatever they do.


Motherwell Cheshire CIO:




  1. Empowerment and protection of womens’ emotional and mental wellbeing across Cheshire

  2. Holistic support to local mums across all stages of their mothering journey

  3. Positive workshops to inspire and support mum’s self, family and community relationships


Our why…


Our founder Kate is mum to 3 beautiful children, one daughter and two sons…

Here’s her story and how Motherwell Cheshire came to be...


“I love being a mum and enjoy every minute of it! But I am aware of how difficult being a mum can be. I have suffered a birth trauma, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and one of my sons was very poorly when he was born, leading to 6 weeks in Alder Hey hospital.


“I write this to hopefully show that I not only speak from experience in how challenging Motherhood can be but also to show why I am so passionate about the services we offer at Motherwell.


“I set up Motherwell Cheshire in 2015 and since then it has gone from strength to strength proving the services we deliver are important and needed, not just in Cheshire but everywhere!


“I always wanted to create a community of women that support each other, and Motherwell does just that with intergenerational support.  Since we launched I have been humbled by the support we have been able to offer to mums in the local area due to the commitment of the Motherwell Team.