Motherwell Believe

Supporting mums with looked after children


We are a voice for mums, and we are here for mums.


Our Motherwell Believe Project is a specialist service supporting mums with a child, or children, who have been placed into care. We work with all mums to help them grow in confidence and feel valued, more resilient and emotionally strong again.


As part of our service, each mum is provided with a dedicated Motherwell support worker for ongoing emotional and practical support.


We help mums understand the court process and will also attend court with mums where representation is needed. We can also act as an intermediary with social workers, solicitors and other agencies where needed.

Please have a look at the attached Believe Referral Criteria Check List for more information.

Believe Peer Support


This is a peer support service for mums whom have had previous children placed into care, and mums at risk of children being removed from their care.


The Peer Support is about empowering mums, from support by mums with lived experiences, as often they are left with no support networks to help them with making positive changes.  


It is an extension to the Believe Project, as whilst supporting mums it was identified from their feedback, a group was needed to fill the void where a mum without having their child in their care could still access support from a mum group.


The Believe Peer Support is a safe and caring space, where each mum is recognised as an individual, respected for who they are, they will gain a sense of belonging, value and self-worth.


We are proud to say Motherwell offers this specialist support service, which is unique to the area. The Peer Support runs weekly and each week offers a new theme, which can include though not limited to; Managing emotions, Relaxation techniques, Self-esteem, Managing negative thinking, Acceptance, Action Planning and Making changes.


It is designed and developed with contribution from the support group members, as they are encouraged to be actively involved, therefore enabling them to get all the support they need. External agencies are invited in to talk offering information and guidance.


The Peer Support runs weekly, throughout the year, it is available in both Winsford in Cheshire West and Crewe in Cheshire East.

​The Peer Support is a rolling support service every four - six months, it is not a drop in group, therefore, group members are referred and registered to access this unique specialist support service.