Our Mission Statement : A service provided for women by women, promoting positive health and wellbeing, by offering a range of educational services, holistic therapies and mental health support.

At Motherwell we believe in inspiring mothers throughout their motherhood journey. We have services that are open to mothers of any age and are in the local community, it has been wonderful to have our services covered in local newspapers.

Cheshire Mums have a Ball with Motherwell 

Mums from across Crewe, Nantwich and the surrounding areas let their hair down in a Glitter Ball organised by Motherwell CIC.


Following the return to school for many Cheshire children, Mums came together to dress-up, socialise and dance in an evening held at Crewe Alexandra FC.


Motherwell CIC hosted the Glitter Ball as part of their aim to support mothers on their mothering journey, including offering chances for them to socialise and relax.  


Over 100 women gathered in the Carlsberg’ Lounge where they were met with Prosecco before making their way to their table for the evening.


Everybody who took part in the balloon raffle won prizes that had been donated by local companies, including an Audi TT for the weekend.


South Cheshire College sponsored the event by providing the buffet, prepared by their award-winning Academy Restaurant and Deli.  


Founder of Motherwell CIC Kate Blakemore, said: “This evening was a massive success.  Women from across the county had the chance to focus on themselves and win a host of prizes all which concentrate on allowing them to feel good about themselves.


“This was the first event of its kind and we are sure to look forward to something similar next year!”


Money raised from the event will be invested back into supporting Mums through post-natal support. 


Motherwell CIC continue to host Wellbeing Days across Crewe, Nantwich and Winsford, offering a series of relaxation treatments at reduced rates. 



If you are interested in being part of any of these events, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email

Wellbeing Days help unwind Cheshire Mums

Women from across Cheshire have taken time out from their busy schedule to relax at monthly wellbeing days.  


Subsidised relaxation therapies have been hosted by Motherwell CIC since January in locations across Crewe, Nantwich and Winsford.  


Wellbeing days have welcomed trained therapists who have offered clients a mix of treatments including hot stone massages, indian head massage, reflexology and reiki all at affordable rates.  


Motherwell CIC was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing activities and spaces for women to support other women on their mothering journey.  Since then, they have provided support to women in a range of ways including through a post-natal counselling service, ‘Happy Feet’ 24 week fitness programme and various relaxation events.  


The focus on health and wellbeing of Mums across the region inspired the project of offering regular wellbeing days which now welcome about 30 people at each event.  Women are invited to experience the treatments in a calm and safe setting, providing a chance for the women to truly unwind.  


Following the success of the established wellbeing days, funding from Santander has allowed Motherwell CIC to host brand new Wellbeing Workshops. Women can benefit from   workshops including a six week “Sparkle and Shine” programme.  This workshop provides a mixture of meditation, reiki and goal setting to help reduce anxiety, for the small price of £5 per two hour session. 


Co-Founder of Motherwell CIC, Angelita Woosnam, organises and provides treatments at the wellbeing days.  She said: “We have found that the women taking part in these wellbeing days have benefitted in so many different ways.  Initially, they feel very relaxed which is important as some of the women we speak to haven’t relaxed for such a long time.


“Lots of Mums have continued to use the wellbeing days on a monthly basis, and the benefit for these women is that they are able to use that half an hour to completely switch off from the stresses of everyday life.  Very often, it is the women looking after the rest of the family.  This is their opportunity to take time out for themselves.”


Wellbeing days will begin again in September with treatments costing only £12.50 each


They will take place at the following times:

Crewe - Jubilee Centre on the last Saturday of every month (12-4 pm)

Winsford - Wharton Library on the last Wednesday of every month and at Greenfield’s Community Bungalow on the last Thursday of every month (10-2pm)

Nantwich - third Wednesday of the month at CTC Physiotherapy (5-9pm)



Debbie Sharred from Crewe said: “Trying Reiki was a really nice opportunity as it was something I’d not tried before. It was a lovely relaxing experience.  You don’t always realise that you’re not totally relaxed.  I can feel that I am now!


“For Mums, I think it’s important that you can find a little bit of time for yourself.  These wellbeing days take place once a month - it’s a good break between treatments and something to really look forward to.”



If you are interested in being part of any of these events, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email

Crewe and Winsford Mums and babies are benefitting from a 24 week fitness programme funded by Active Cheshire, starting with a walking group called ‘Happy Feet’.


Local Community Organisation, Motherwell CIC, have received funding to advertise, organise and deliver the programme in Crewe and Winsford for Mums in the area. 


Active Cheshire work with a wide range of health, sport, education, environment, transport and business partners to find new ways of enabling people to get active on a regular basis.


Initially aimed at young Mums, the programme has now welcomed Mums of all ages, with their babies, to participate in the weekly walk.


The Mums have completed their first walk and will continue to use Crewe’s beautiful setting of Queens Park as Monday afternoon’s base for future ‘Happy Feet’ sessions, part of Rise and Shine Challenge. 


After six weeks, the Mums will move to meet at The Georges in Crewe for free Mother and Baby Yoga classes.


Mums across the area are encouraged to join the group at any point during the programme, taking the first step to meeting new people and improving fitness.


Laura Brown, from Nantwich, said: “I loved Baby Massage when I tried that, but it became too expensive.  This Motherwell initiative gets rid of the expense barrier, because it’s funded by Active Cheshire.


“I’m looking forward to the whole programme as this will be the first step to me running again and getting back to the level of fitness that I used to have.”


Kate Blakemore, co-founder of Motherwell CIC, said: “Motherhood can at times be isolating and this initiative will bring Mums together and hopefully encourage them to use our other services, all of which support their wellbeing.


“The idea behind it is that it works towards getting the Mums outdoors and improve their fitness, while also increasing their support network.  We hope that from here they will continue to meet without Motherwell intervention.”


Motherwell CIC work with Mums across the region to support women in their mothering journey, with a focus on health and wellbeing.  They hold monthly Sparkle and Shine Wellbeing Days in Crewe, Winsford and soon coming to Nantwich, which support Mums in relaxation and taking time for themselves as well as free post-natal counselling for Mums suffering with anxiety.  


Anne Boyd, Chief Executive at Active Cheshire, said: “At such a pivotal point in a women's life, it is increasingly important to be both mentally and physically well.  Active Cheshire are increasingly aware of the need to support organisations like Motherwell to offer valuable and cohesive support packages, whilst promoting the wider benefits of physical activity.”


An Awards Evening to commemorate those Mums who complete this programme will be held, with players from Crewe Alexandra Ladies presenting the certificates.  


Katie Nuttall, a Crewe Alexandra player, said: “We fully support this initiative, anything that is getting people more active is a good thing.  Young Mums especially are a huge target group more likely to drop out of sport due to increased responsibilities and and lack of provision for going to gyms.”


Another up-coming and glamorous event hosted by Motherwell is The Glitter Ball.  It is a chance for Mums to pamper themselves and dress up for a buffet meal and disco to be held at Crewe Alexandra Football Club on Saturday September 10th.  


Tickets for this all-women event can be purchased at £25 per person.  All money raised from The Glitter Ball will be put back into the Post-Natal element of Motherwell CIC.  


If you are interested in being part of any of these events, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email 

Mother and Baby Walking Group gets off to a Flying Start
Cheshire Mums Cruise to Relaxation 

Mums from across South Cheshire took a break from normal life by cruising the canal in a day’s retreat organised by Motherwell CIC.


A group of ten Mums met at Church Minshull Aqueduct Marina to board their hired barge for a day of relaxation and pampering.


Motherwell CIC work with Mums across the region to support women in their mothering journey, with a focus on health and wellbeing.  


On a beautiful sunny Sunday, they cruised towards and stopped at The Barbridge Inn on Chester Road, for a bite to eat and relaxing walk.  Some of the Mums then received a combination of reflexology and Indian Head Massages during the journey back to Church Minshull.


The spring event was one of many health and wellbeing days aimed at supporting Mums in taking time to concentrate on themselves.  


In a daily role where their time can very often be spent on other family members and sometimes alongside work commitments, the focused health and wellbeing days allow women in similar positions to  unwind together.  


Co-Founder of Motherwell CIC, Angelita Woosnam, said: “Our barge day was such a success.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous giving a chance for Mums in the area to get a real break from the demands of a regular day.  


“We held a similar retreat day last year and are very proud to have welcomed people that day who now volunteer for Motherwell CIC, having made the full circle of giving something back to a group that has supported them.”


Cheryl Bromont from Wistaston said: “We had such a lovely day on the barge, chilling, chatting and eating!  


“The time I spend with Motherwell is time for me, away from everything else.  The group has encouraged me to reassess how I spend my time and bring me back down to earth and think about how I need to spend more time on ‘me’.


“The organisers at Motherwell do an amazing job!  They are all so welcoming.  On the barge, to start with, not everybody knew each other, but the benefit is that by the end, we have shared opinions and experiences and have a network of people to join for the next event.”


Upcoming well-being events that are open to Mums across South Cheshire are the monthly Sparkle and Shine Wellbeing Days held in both Crewe and Winsford.   


The Glitter Ball is a chance for Mums to pamper themselves and dress up for a buffet meal and disco to be held at Crewe Alexandra Football Club on Saturday September 10th.  


Tickets for this all-women event can be purchased at £25 per person.  All money raised from The Glitter Ball and Barge Retreat Day will be put back into the Post-Natal element of Motherwell CIC.  


If you are interested in being part of any of these events, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email

An exhibition celebrating the lives, times and history of Mum’s in Crewe has been launched ready to tour the area.


MotherWell CIC, working with local community groups, has produced the “Mum’s the Word” project which explores how the lives and roles of Mum’s living in Crewe has changed over the last 100 years. 


Funding from Cheshire Crime Commissioner, as voted by Crewe Central residents, enabled the idea of the exhibition to transform into a reality.  Almost 80 people, led by Kate Blakemore and MotherWell volunteer Natalie Simm, came together to work on the project over a six month period, as it developed across six different locations in Central Crewe.


From the early stages of developing the exhibition, it grew beyond just the Mothers view of Crewe, as it extended to an overall celebration of the area.  Now, visitors can expect to find out more about subjects such as the history of Crewe Alex Football Club and see ‘Then and Now’ photographs from well known streets and shops in the area.  


The exhibition focuses on Mums in the area but also features the history and changes that have taken place in Crewe during this time.  Old newspaper clippings, photographs, toys, poems and case studies of famous people who were born or have visited Crewe are some of the features that make up the extensive exhibition.  


Supporters and sponsors including Wulvern Housing, West Street Christian Fellowship,  West Street Baptist Church and the Children’s Centre will now host the exhibition as part of the tour in order to widen the access to the greater community.  


Mother Well CIC, launched in March 2015, supports women on their mothering journey by promoting positive health and wellbeing.  Initial ideas for the “Mum’s the Word” project began when one Mother within the group asked “I wonder what it was like being a Mum in the olden days??”


Mother Well CIC founder, Kate Blakemore, said: “This has been a incredibly popular exhibition during the making of it.  We have all been surprised at the wide variety of  people who have been interested in the project.


“For example, one elderly gentleman took a real interest because his Mum had raised him as a single parent in Crewe.  His contribution was really valued and was an opportunity for him to reminisce about the pride he showed in his upbringing in the area.


“The Polish community living in Crewe have also demonstrated their pride in Crewe since the launch, through their interest. It has been a great way of combining common interests and bridging gaps between the communities.”


Wulvern Housing’s Pickmere has been one of the six locations in which the exhibition was  compiled.  It is soon to be hosted at their Charlotte Court site.


Pat Sandland, Wulvern’s Extra Care Manager, said: “It has been fantastic developing the ‘Mother Well’ project at Pickmere, our Extra Care housing scheme in Crewe. Memory sharing is a proven way to help elderly people and those suffering with memory problems to remember events from their past, maintain their confidence and improve their self-esteem. 


“Our residents have really benefitted from being involved with the project and have enjoyed sharing their experiences of growing up with the younger mums and each other.”


Mother Well are now looking for sponsorship from local businesses and projects to fund an extension to the popular exhibition.  Development plans include exploring history of Crewe Railway, Crewe Works, Bentley and women’s fashion.  


If you are interested in sponsoring the extension of the project, please contact Kate Blakemore on 07734868325 or email

Crewe Mums Step Back in Time with local History Exhibition