At Motherwell we believe in supporting women through the journey from womanhood to motherhood. We understand that each mother's journey is their own and realise that no two experiences are the same.

Our Maternal Support Team are mums themselves  that’s why we have titled our maternal services as “Mum Uniting Mums (MUM)”.  Our support and services are not in any way limited to first-time births, nor the first nine months, we are passionate about supporting you at the time you need support.

We aim to support you to look after your wellbeing, we have an unique Maternal Support Service that can offer your support through pregnancy, after pregnancy or birth trauma and postnatally. You can self-refer or ask a support worker refer you for, one to one counselling, a six week programme, peer support and a creative support group.

Our Maternal Support Team

Our Maternal Support Team are all mothers themselves, most of whom have experienced pre-natal or post-natal depression, anxieties or early struggles. We have volunteers who are passionate about the importance of peer support and are mentored by Motherwell.

Their aims are to ~

  • support you to think proactively in pregnancy, birth and a growing family

  • listen to your experiences and feelings

  • promote your thinking of a positive relationship with yourself

  • support you through the expectations and realities of motherhood

  • talk together about your support networks and "me-time"

  • provide confidential and safe environments

  • give you information about the services Motherwell provides that would be beneficial to you

Mum Uniting Mums ~ Our Services

A unique Postnatal Support that is avaible in Crewe and Winsford for all those in and around the area, reaching to all the mums in surrounding towns and villages. One to One counselling is now available. A 6 week therapetic programme offering support to postnatal women. Also there is a creative group for peer support that runs twice a month.

One to One Counselling

Talking therapy can really help people work on their issues in a safe and fully confidential.  Person Centred Counselling is like no other talking therapy. There are no techniques, and the counsellor is not seen as the “expert”.


The relationship of the counsellor and client is the most important factor of the person centred approach.

Six week Programme

A series of 6 workshops aimed at supporting postnatal mums. This series of workshops will look at the changes that motherhood brings, subjects covered include; expectations and reality; the roles of motherhood; changes in relationships; parenting styles; managing feelings and building self esteem.
Creating a safe environment in which to share and explore these subjects, this programme will give mums a chance to share their experiences and most importantly, to be heard.

Online Support Services

Our Maternal Support Team aim to support you at home too.

We have a MUM Facebook Page -

We have a Pinterest Page with a board "Womanhood to Motherhood" and many more -

We use Twitter for #PNDhour on Wednesdays 8:00-9:00 pm

MUM Stories

We have a Blog Page where our staff and volunteers share their stories, we also have some short stories from mothers.

" I already had two children when I had another, I thought I knew it all, I thought PND was a first-time postnatal illness. I just got on with things, I didn't see the signs, I knew some of my feelings were not right but I simply put that down to being over-tired. Baby was over six months old so I thought it couldn't be, I thought PND was an illness in just the first few months. I was wrong, I seeked answers!

I got through the months by believing things will get better and at home there were strategies put in place to help me feel less overwhelmed. My partner put up a sign in the kitchen that was a copy of my to-do-list and a notice at the top telling visitors to either do something and tick it off or, to look after the children so I got a soak in the bath or ate a meal still hot or anything else."

MUM to G

" I found out I was pregnant, I then moved in with baby's Daddy three months before baby was due. I bought the house with him, big commitment to us and new family life. I had great expectations of how things would be and how parenting together would be. I knew he was a great man, very family-focused with his parents and siblings. I wasn't prepared for what happened, I didn't know what PND was but I got diagnosed with it at six weeks post birth. I soon discovered no support at home as he constantly compared me to his mother and how she managed bring more than one up. I soon realised his qualities as a family-man were misjudged, as he put his family before me and the baby.

I only got through it by writing down my dark thoughts and finding myself some affirmations to believe."

MUM to E