Motherwell Bright Star Mentors


Are you someone that friends describe as a nurturer?


Do you want to make a difference to someone’s life? Maybe you’re looking to make new friends, put your skills to use and have fun too?


Perhaps you’ve recently found yourself with time on your hands and want to put your valuable life skills and experience to use?

If this sounds like you, Motherwell’s Bright Star Mentor programme could be just what you are looking for.


The programme was developed in response to many requests from more mature ladies in Winsford and Crewe wishing to volunteer with Motherwell.


All of these women had different reasons for getting in touch. Some found themselves with more free time and feeling isolated through recent retirement or a separation, while others had children who had now left home.


However, they all had two things in common; valuable life skills and experience, combined with a natural desire to nurture. We realised these qualities could benefit and inspire our younger generations of mums who wish for a mentor of their own.


From learning life skills such as running a household and managing a budget, to inspiring more confidence and self-belief, mentoring can really make a difference to someone’s life.


Motherwell’s Bright Star Mentor programme is a truly empowering experience for both mentors and mums.


Full training and support will be provided as you become a fully-fledged Motherwell Mentor. If you are interested in helping us to make a difference, please do get in touch.