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MUMS uniting MUMS 

MUMS uniting MUMS is about empowering women to support themselves and other women. Supporting each other on the mothering journey. Each stage has its on difficulties and our groups help support you to manage your emotions as you enter different stages of the mothering journey.

Aims for MUMS groups

New Life & Me

For mums with children up the age of approximately 2 years. Creche available at the Crewe groups.


By the end of this 6 week course we go away with:


  • An awareness of coping strategies to manage  your anxiety and depression.

  • Techniques to help to build on self belief and self esteem Recognise the positive changes in yourself.

The 6 weeks will consist of:

1) Expectations versus reality of Motherhood

2) Parenting styles

3) Our support networks

4) Managing our emotions

5) Effects on our relationships

6) Increasing our self esteem

Mindful Mums

This group is for mums balancing work life balance or those thinking about going back to work but unsure how they will balance everything. We will also support you with looking for childcare and your rights as a mum when working


By the end of the 6 weeks you will leave with:


  • Coping strategies to provide you with a work/ life balance.

  • Understand the importance of self care

  •  Recognise the importance of a positive support networks


The 6 weeks course will focus on:

 1) Introductions/ expectations of the group

2) Bullet journalling

3) Managing our emotions

4) Support networks

5) Effects on our relationships

6) Relaxations techniques

Pause for Thought

This group is for mums who children are no longer living with them, or whose children are no longer dependant on them. It will focus on the sense of loneliness and lack of purpose.

  • By the end of the 6 weeks you will leave the group with:

  • Positive outlook for the future

  • Strategies to help with changes along the motherhood journey

  • Recognise importance of self fulfilment

The 6 weeks topics will focus on:

1) Expectations and reality of children growing up

2) Where has our self belief gone?

3) Finding yourself again

4) Effects on our relationship

5) Relaxation techniques

6) Plans for moving forward.

MUM Support Groups

Please find below, details of our support groups:-

New Life & Me

Friday 10am - 12noon in Crewe:

Term Two - 1st March; 8th March; 15th March; 22nd March; 29th March; 5th April 

Term Three - 26th April; 3rd May; 10th May; 17th May; 24th May; 31st May

Monday 10am - 12noon in Winsford:

Term Two - 25th Feb; 4th March; 11th March; 18th March; 25th March; 1st April

Term Three - 29th April; 6th May; 13th May; 20th May; 27th May 


Mindful Mums 

Term 2 Thursday 6pm - 8pm in Winsford

28th Feb; 7th March; 14th March; 21st March; 28th March; 4th April

Term 3 Thursday 6pm - 8pm in Crewe

25th April; 2nd May; 9th May;16th May; 23rd May

Pause for Thought 

Term 2 Thursday 1pm - 3pm in Crewe

28th Feb; 7th March; 14th March; 21st March; 28th March; 4th April 

Term 3 Thursday 1pm - 3pm in Winsford

25th April; 2nd May; 9th May;16th May; 23rd May

Whatever stage of the mothering journey you are at, we are here to support you, don’t suffer in silence!!!

Email referrals or call our referral hotline on 01606 557666.