Wellbeing Days

‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ as the saying goes. Self-care is so important, especially for mums.  


Taking time to focus on yourself when life is so busy can be hard. As mothers it’s also all too easy to feel guilty when taking time out to focus on ourselves but it’s crucial for our wellbeing and self-esteem.


Our monthly wellbeing days are the perfect way of showing yourself a little self-love and restoring a feeling of calm. Whether you’re in the mood for an Indian head massage or some energy boosting reiki, it’s all happening at our Motherwell wellbeing days.


Held in local venues at flexible times to suit busy mums, we offer a range of holistic treatments and complimentary therapies. The affordable 30-minute sessions are all carried out by highly trained and experienced therapists.


As well as helping you relax, treatments are also a great way of supporting our work as all proceeds go towards maintaining the services we offer at Motherwell.


We have a selection of treatments available (costing £12.50 each). Choose from:



Working on pressure points in the body, massage helps to stimulate circulation, relaxes tight muscles and relieves tension. Great for calming the mind and stress management.



Ideal for increasing energy, soothing stress and balancing body and mind, this treatment involves minimal soothing touch of hand whilst fully clothed.



This deep massage of the reflex points of the feet promotes self-healing, relaxes the body and aids sleep. As well as reducing pain and inflammation, reflexology can also help lower stress and anxiety.


Indian Head Massage

The perfect stress buster, this head massage focuses on the head, shoulders and upper back area. Helping to increase mobility and flexibility of the neck, Indian Head Massage helps to reduce stress and tension, improves circulation and encourages elimination of toxins.


Hot Stone Massage

With hot stones to allow for a deeper massage, this treatment is a great stress reliever. Believed to increase circulation, Hot Stone Massage is also great for boosting health and aiding relaxation.

2018 Wellbeing Days